More bad news from the academy

The University of Gloucestershire is cutting posts in Biblical Studies on a rationale that looks rather dubious; more about it here.

The future for higher education, and for the arts and humanities in particular, is, I have to say, looking pretty bleak from where I sit.  At the American Academy of Religion conference all the talk, from both sides of the Atlantic, was of austerity measures, hiring freezes, redundancies, pay cuts. We, in my line of work and those like it, are unprofitable. We are hard to manage. We are hard to explain. We are, especially where there’s no such thing as tenure, relatively easy to get rid of. Ho hum.

I’m running through ideas for other things I could do with my life, not because I think I’m about to need them but because it’s good to have a parachute. Suggestions welcome…  we don’t need me to earn lots of money, but I need me to have lots to think about.


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