Things to think about later

Here are a few of the blog entries I haven’t been writing while I’ve been dealing with an unexpected pile of additional marking, a few complicated little work crises, a bad cold and the start of term:

– Preaching a sermon; to include why I appreciate the lectionary, why preaching isn’t work, and the mischievous suggestion from my husband that it is the most direct form of Impact for theological research.

– New Testament studies: to include the question of why students on an Introduction to the New Testament module appear to read so little of the New Testament. And, because I probably ought to think it through and expose some more of my liberal prejudices to the world, perhaps a rant about what I do NOT want to call the “Christian Union brain”, but currently lack a better name for.

– Lies, damned lies and statistics: being the plan for an article I have a mind to write, on the ethics of statistics-production by professionals (I mean, not professional producers of statistics, but professionals like me whose “accountability” is secured by our provision of numbers for The System).

– My students keep me sane: They really do. I taught 3 hours of seminars on Kant last Thursday (without a break) and loved it.  To my mild surprise.


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