But seriously

Seriously, I care about this one. Seriously, when I couldn’t sleep the night before the interview I was overwhelmed with how much I care about this one. This is about marriage, ie the astonishing thing that makes me who I am.

This is also about the moment when I found out what my gay friend had been going through in her teenage years, not telling anyone because she didn’t think anyone would stand up for her or look out for her – and I didn’t know. This is also about one of the best ordered and gathered Quaker business meetings I’ve ever had the privilege to be part of. This is also about the use and misuse of the name of God in shaping people’s lives and relationships. This is also about telling the truth. This is also, for all I know, about the future lives of my kids, and it’s certainly about those of some of my students. This is also about the kinds of conversations we can and increasingly can’t have about religion in public.

This is the stuff that matters, to me at least. This is really not messing around.

Couldn’t do this sort of thing if I didn’t believe in God. I see that some people manage fine without, and good luck to them, but I’m not one of them.


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