Open letter to Daily Mail about recent reporting

Dear Sir,

I am sure that you will have received many letters taking you to task for your disgracefully inflammatory and misleading reporting of the Philpott case. I would like, however, to congratulate you for your sudden and surprising conversion to the idea that social, cultural and economic factors have a part to play in explaining criminal behaviour. The Daily Mail has generally championed the cause of individual responsibility, and has dismissed as leftist nonsense any attempt to understand crime through the analysis of a wider social context. However, you have now publicly attributed the manslaughter of six children, not to the violent and abusive behaviour of one or more individuals, but to “welfare UK”. I assume we can now expect headlines attributing rape and domestic violence to “patriarchal UK”, bank fraud to “capitalist UK”, and perhaps even the recent suicide of a transgendered woman to “media intrusion UK”.
Your new position is of course oversimplified, but once your initial zeal following conversion has subsided, we might even be able to have a nuanced debate about crime.

Yours faithfully,

One response to this post.

  1. Are you talking about any particular articlein the Daily Mail; e.g. ?

    Let’s face it; most reports in the Daily Mail are sensationalist, inaccurate and political. Actually, the Daily Fail (oops… Mail) Simply Doesn’t Care.

    Did you get a response?

    I’d be interested to learn your views on the recent case of the transgendered woman who took her own life. In my opinion, the Daily Mail report mentioning this woman, by Richard Littlejohn, was cruel and out of order. There are many who are attributing this woman’s suicide to the Daily Mail report.


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