I’m an academic, a mother, a theologian, a Quaker, and a muesli-reading sandal-eating Guardian-wearing guilt-ridden liberal trying to be green and hoping not to be smug. I care about lots of things, perhaps too many; I think a lot, perhaps too much; I talk very fast and type slower; and I’ll figure out as I go along what this blog is for.

“Knowing experimentally” is a tip of the wide-brimmed hat to George Fox. When he talked about “knowing experimentally” he meant knowing from experience  – which is part of what a blog’s about. I also like the idea of knowledge that’s experimental in a contemporary sense – let’s see how it works, let’s see what difference it makes, let’s see what everyone else says.

One response to this post.

  1. Rachel, I just sent you an email at your “school address”. I too have a blog on WordPress…and it is actually one of my blog posts– Harsh News — that I am working on turning into some kind of a “hermeneutics of reconciliation. I am still rather new at the blogging thing and some times have trouble even finding my own page. Let me know if you have any interest in this conversation.

    Peace, Kathryn Rickert, (Seattle, WA USA)


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